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3 Day Bows / 28 Inch House Door Bow

28 Inch House Door Bow


Brighten up Your Front Door with Our 28″ Big House Bows!

Our big front door bows are the easy and mess-free way to install a big bow on the front door of any house. Simply slide the metal door hanger over the top of the door. Then slide the bow into the slot on the door hanger for an easy installation. No messy tape, ribbon, or adhesives required!.

This is an extremely popular product line which we have sold to large real estate developers and real estate agents throughout the United States. Real Estate professionals love our front door bows because they create great photo opportunities after the sale of a house. The giant bow appeals to the emotions of a home owner and creates an unforgettable picture which can be used as a keepsake for the home owner and a promotional tool for the real estate agent or real estate developer.

We proudly developed and manufacture our bows in the United States from durably vinyl material which is designed to withstand the elements and withhold the wear-and-tear of every-day use by real estate agents and developers.

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Big Front Door Bow – 28″ Giant Bow For House

Finally a way to hang a giant bow on a front door without causing damage!

Brighten up Your Front Door with Our 28″ Big House Bows!

  • We engineered our 28 inch bow specifically for use on front doors. This HUGE bow features an original extremely rigid tight-loop construction that we developed so that it will hold up on your front door for years to come without sagging or flopping. There is no other bow like this on the market!
  • These bows are designed to resemble the small gift bows that are sold at big-box stores and are popularly used on gifts throughout the United States. This bow will create the quintessential look that people are looking for.
  • Our Big Front Door Bow Kits include one 28″ giant bow finished with special mounting hardware and a heavy duty iron door hanger which slides over the top of any standard 3/4″ door.
  • Decorate your front door, office door, or your entire real estate development! Whether you are a homeowner, real estate agent, or developer, this bow will brighten up your property. This big bow for a door measures 28″ diameter with two 30″ long tails and is designed to be used either indoor or outdoors. The bow is constructed from high quality weather resistant/waterproof vinyl.
  • Available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, & White.
  • Large volume Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Developers: Please contact us for quantity discounts on bulk orders.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Blue, Green, Red, White